The Fearlessly Fit subscription program is designed to help you ease anxiety, reach your health and fitness goals, and lay a solid foundation for facing your fears.

For the price of a daily latte, you’ll receive:

-Weekly Nutrition Challenges

– Monthly workout plans that require minimal equipment (just a chair, dumbbells, and elastic tubing!) and include an anxiety-reducing warm-up, cool-down, and pep talk to help you move through exercise anxiety and reach your goals

– Weekly anti-anxiety tips and motivation

– Community support

-Expert nutrition and fitness advice

All available 24/7 through the custom Meghan Nagel Fitness app!

Want more personalized help? The Fearlessly Fit 1:1 program includes custom nutrition recommendations (including macro-based guidance), workouts, and 1:1 coaching just for you! This program is perfect for those who want extra help getting started, have unique physical challenges, or just want a more personalized experience.

You will receive:

– A customized exercise program that includes an encouraging warm-up and cool-down, cardio sessions designed to help you conquer your fears, and even a pre-recorded “pep talk” for overwhelming moments

– A customized, macro-based meal plan designed to help you ease anxiety and depression while reaching your weight loss and fitness-related goals
– Access to my custom app-based training plan complete with exercise demonstrations for proper form

-Two coaching calls via phone or video chat each month

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Questions? Contact Meghan@MeghanNagelFitness.com for a free consultation.

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