5 Tricks to Tame Your Treat Intake

#5 Chew Gum. Chewing mint-flavored gum (or brushing your teeth) can counteract a treat craving, as this flavor doesn’t blend well with many Halloween treats. Starbursts and mint? Yuck!

#4 Save a Few Pieces for Later. It’s tempting to eat all those Kit-Kats before the kiddos find them! Before trick-or-treat, set aside a few of your favorite candies. When the festivities are over, kick back, relax, and savor your favorite treats.

#3 Go Healthy(er). There are many healthier options to satisfy your treat cravings. Baked apples, healthy pumpkin muffins, and candies without high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colorings, or artificial flavors are great alternatives to typical Halloween treats.

#2 Throw It Away. Don’t hesitate to throw out (or give away) tempting treats. If you’re feeling wasteful, remind yourself that those treats are not healthy for anyone.


#1 Don’t Start. Sometimes, it’s best to avoid candy altogether. If candy is your Achille’s heel, don’t bring it in the house. If you have children or want to give out candy, don’t start eating it. A taste of chocolate can lead to a downward spiral! (I know from experience). 

Trick-or-treat can spell trouble for weight loss goals. If you love candy, plan ahead for success by using these tips to avoid a scary experience on the scale! Happy Halloween!

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