My Mission

As an anxiety sufferer, I understand the struggles that anxious people face. I also know that suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, and depression presents unique challenges to getting in-shape.

Research shows that increasing physical activity and improving eating habits can transform your body AND your mind. However, anxiety sufferers often find themselves in a vicious cycle. Eating well and exercising improves symptoms, but these changes can (initially) be anxiety-provoking. Common fears include giving up comfort foods, exercising in front of others, driving to the gym, or a fear of the panic-like symptoms that often accompany exercise.

That’s why I’ve designed my programs with you in mind. I meet you where you’re at and help you develop a routine that works with your lifestyle. I’m here to help people like you feel relaxed, healthy, and happy.

About Me

I was born and raised in Appleton, WI, but now reside in East Lansing, MI. I suffered with anxiety throughout my childhood and had my first panic attack at 15. This experience rocked my world, but I quickly learned that my symptoms improved when I started exercising and improving my diet. My faith has also been paramount to my recovery, so I enjoy attending church and sharing some of my favorite faith and anxiety-related resources on my “Things I Love” page!

I married my best friend in 2017 and we have a beautiful two year-old named Mikaela. During my pregnancy, I suffered with prenatal anxiety and postpartum depression. Once again, faith, fitness, and healthy food helped me regain my sense of calm, which fortified my desire to help others. I have since learned that many women first experience severe anxiety during and after pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations and the stress of navigating a huge life change.

While my life continues to be busy (my husband is in law school and I’m a business owner, mom, and fur mom to a toy poodle and lab mix!) I have found empowerment and peace through faith, fitness, and healthy food.

Education & Credentials

  • B.S. in Nutrition Science
  • M.S. in Applied Nutrition
  • ACE-certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor

This website and its programs are not a substitute for medical advice.